Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

We have had a wonderful past two weeks celebrating Christmas and the New Year. Christmas was a lot of fun this year since Lexi has become more aware of toys and presents, but most importantly baby Jesus. She loved playing with her Little People Nativity. She would always want to find the baby first and put him in the barn. After the baby came the "moo" and the "baa". At least she knows the baby is the most important. When we opened presents she loved taring open the gifts and finding the fun toys inside.

This year Rabu volunteered to stuff the stockings. He had a lot of fun shopping for Lexi and I and trying to find things that we would love and appreciate. Afterward, he said he had so much fun that he wants to do it again next year but he will not wait until 2 days before Christmas. I definitely enjoyed sharing the Christmas shopping experience with him.

We went to Tahlequah to spend a couple days with my parents, siblings and their families. It was a very enjoyable holiday. Lexi loved playing with her cousins but was not too thrilled about Molly, Mom and Dad's new puppy. By the third day she found the courage to pet Molly all on her own. We were able to get a few games of Scrabble in and Melissa made sure that we knew she was a force to be reckoned with by winning one of the games. After pounds of sweets and mom's famous green chili soup I was so full I did not need to eat for days. Pretty much a perfect Christmas.
We spent New Years Eve watching a basketball game and on the way home I was craving some sushi, but with a sleepy baby girl in the car I knew that dining in anywhere would be impossible. So that is when I thanked God for In the Raw - to go!! We called in an order and picked it up on the way home. Lexi went to bed and Rabu and I watched a movie and ate sushi. (no worries all my sushi was cooked or veggie, no raw stuff for this preggo) We wanted to have a laid back New Years Eve and this was pretty much perfect. We nodded off to sleep shortly after the New Year.

It was a wonderful holiday season, relaxed and family focused. I could not have asked for a better two weeks. Now back to work for Rabu and strait into busy season for me.

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