Sunday, July 26, 2009

I hold Paisie!

Today we hit a sister milestone. Lexi wanted to hold Paisley. She insisted that Paisley sit on her lap. So I sat Lexi next to me and let her hold Paisley. It was so cute. Lexi was talking to Paisley and being so sweet to her. Paisley started to fuss a little so I took her back and Lexi demanded to have her sister back! So I calmed down Paisley and gave her back to big sister. These two are going to be so much fun. I am so glad that Lexi is accepting our little Paisley. Oh sorry, Lexi would say, "not your Paisie, MY Paisie!"

(Oh and don't mind the CRAZY hair on Lexi, it was a lazy Sunday so we never got around to fixing her hair today. Thank God for Mixed Chicks that gets it back to her beautiful curly hair! )

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Card from Grandpa and Mimi

The Florida Leyvas sent Lexi a card that sings for her birthday. Here is the video of when she opened it. Thank you Grandpa and Mimi.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lexi's 2 Year Photo Session

We went to the Gilcrease Museum and took some pictures of our sweet Lexi since she turns two today. Here are the proofs. You can order online if there is a picture you cannot live without. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Girl

Lexi is two years old!!! My sweet baby girl is growing up. We had her birthday party a day early and it was such a great time. Grandma, Pa Pa, Uncle Robert, Aunt Lea and cousins, Alex, Adalynn, and Annalee came from Tahlequah. Lexi's Godfamily, Ward, Pattie, Bradley, Jackson, and Dillon also came. She was not really sure what a birthday was, but I think now she has a good idea and she likes it!

We had a Dora the Explorer birthday party. I decorated the house with Dora, Boots and Swiper. She really liked the decorations, she was sure to show Swiper to everyone as they came in the door. When we sang Happy Birthday, she pretty much looked at us like we were crazy, she was not so sure about the song...I know we are not a musical family, but a smile would not have been so hard. Ha ha When it came time to blow out the candle, (yes there was only one candle that was the shape of a number 2) she blew and it went great. She loved her Dora cupcake cake. She even snuck back later and took the last sliver of cake off the cake stand and into her mouth.

Lexi loved opening the presents, she would take them and show them to Uncle Robert after she opened each one. Maybe because he is the best at opening toy boxes. She also was very careful to pick up the wrapping paper as to not leave a mess on the floor. That's my girl! She got a tea set, books, puzzles, coloring books, colors, stickers, a baby, a purse, Finding Nemo and an adjustable Little Tykes basketball goal. She is a very blessed very loved little girl.

The box that the basketball goal came in was an instant tunnel. All the kids were crawling through it and having such a good time. A lifetime of giggles!

The kids also spent some time outside playing with the basketball goal and bubbles. Annalee is three weeks older than Lexi and the two of them have such a good time together. Here is a video of them blowing bubbles.

Lexi darling, daddy, Paisley and I love you very very much. You make our life so bright. Thank you for making us laugh daily. Thank you for your sweet hugs and unconditional love. You are a wonderful daughter and we love you SOOOOO much!! Happy Birthday baby girl!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

8 years

Today at 2:30 pm will be the exact anniversary of when Pastor George pronounced Rabu and I man and wife! Although that was 8 years ago, I can remember it very clearly. I just remember being so happy and excited to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man, who by the grace of God loves me just the way I am. He is such a blessing to me. He sees the good in me and encourages me to be all that God has created me to be. He is always loving and understanding. He is the most amazing father. What a joy it has been to watch him with our girls, they adore him almost as much as I do. :) He has such a heart for people, especially kids. I am so thankful to God for the gift that Rabu is to our lives.

So we have recently taken the plunge and purchased iPhones, and in my justification of spending the money I said that they could be our anniversary gifts this year. Rabu agreed. But the sinker did not stick with the plan. Last night he, in his very funny tricky way, says, "So I got you a gift." I could not believe it, was he kidding, no I don't think so, well with him you can never then he asked if I wanted the gift right then. Of course I did, so he told me to close my eyes and then he came over and gave me a kiss. Aww very sweet right! But the stinker tricked me, he told me he had gotten me a gift, I felt bad for not getting him one and then he had not actually gotten a gift...I was so confused. I just laughed and told him he was silly. Well a storm came through last night around 3am that woke both of us up. We were laying there in bed wide awake listening to the storm and he said kinda giddy, "so do you want your gift now?" I just laughed, I did not know whether to take the bait again or not. So I turned on the light and he handed me a bag. It was from a local jeweler, I looked inside and there was a little box with two new charms for my bracelet. One is a heart with a jewel in it, and one is a pink and white bead. So pretty. So he got me this year!! He got me a gift and I got him nothing! And you know, I am ok with that. We are going to lunch today and then spending the night hanging out with the girls. I am a blessed woman!!

Rabu I love you, thank you for 8 wonderful and exciting years and I am excited to spend the rest of our lives together!!

Friday, July 17, 2009


OK, so no one warned me that my daughter would grow up OVERNIGHT!!! Everyone said, " oh they grow up so fast" or " its going to go so fast". NO ONE told me it would happen literally overnight! I mean go to sleep one night and then wake up the next morning and she is speaking in short sentences and talking so clearly. Lexi has just been blowing me away this week by how much she is talking, how clearly she is talking, and her fun sense of humor. She is so funny, really has some natural comedic timing. I love my little Lexi!! Oh by the way she turns two on Thursday! yep TWO!!! That is all for now...until next time, take time to enjoy the small moments of the day because it will all be different tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Water Baby

We had such a great 4th of July weekend. Unfortunately, Rabu was working at a fireworks stand so he was not able to have as much fun as the girls and I did, but such is life. Anyway, we went to my mom's house and hung out with the siblings and all their kids. Mom had set up these fun water features for them to play on. Lexi had a ball!!! She loved getting in the water, which is new because other times she was quite timid. So here is a video of Lexi having a great time in the water! Enjoy!

She also had a lot of fun on the slip and slide, but she did not have enough weight to keep her momentum going, that does not stop a Leyva... see how she gets along! ha ha. I actually pushed her other times going down and she liked that a lot better than her own way.