Sunday, January 4, 2009

Baby Update - Week 28

Baby girl is growing and growing and so is my belly. Everything is going very well. I am 28 weeks pregnant and baby girl is about 2 1/4 lbs, blinking her eyes and can tell when it is light or dark outside the womb. God is also developing billions of neurons in her brain. It is pretty amazing that she will be here in 3 short months.

We have made some very big strides in preparing for baby girl's arrival. We have picked out and purchased the furniture for baby girl's room and we will pick it up next weekend. Pictured here, we got the crib and the dresser, the armoire would have been a bit excessive for the size of her room. Rabu is painting the room as I blog. I picked out a very light green color for the walls. I will post pictures when we get the room all set up. I would not look for them any time too soon, we move kinda slow these days, especially with busy season lurking.

We are still working on names, we think we may have found a few options and a possible middle name, but for the time being we are keeping them pretty hush hush. I know very annoying to many of you, but its how we roll. We are still not in love with any name yet so the search is still on. I am praying that God will just send an angel in a vision and say you will name your child "fill in a name". Wouldn't that be awesome? But then what if I did not like the name...ha ha that would be ironic. OK so maybe I do like that God is letting us find the perfect name simply being led by the Holy Spirit and not waste any angel time on a very small issue.

Lexi is still so sweet and says hi to her sister and gives her kisses through my belly. She was rubbing my belly the other night saying, " aw little baby". It was so sweet.


Marlita said...

You have a blog! Yippee!

Mindy said...

I like the furniture you picked out! It's so pretty!!