Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Update

I am now 24 weeks pregnant. I am amazed how quickly this second pregnancy is going! Lexi keeps me plenty distracted and busy. I have managed to pick out the bedding for baby girl's room. (pictured) Now I need to go order her furniture and pick out a wall color so that Rabu can paint the room during his Christmas break.

We are still working on a name. Every night I get the name book out and flip through it. As I usually don't find anything, I ask Rabu to pick a page number and a number between 1 and 10 and I look that name up in the book. Last night it gave us the name Zsa Zsa...uh yeah... we won't be using that one. Oh well we still have 3 1/2 months until the kiddo gets here and we have to name her. My career is deadline driven, so maybe I am subconsciously procrastinating. It would be nice if God would just let us know...all in His time.

Lexi has noticed my belly getting a little bigger. She has mostly noticed daddy talking to and kissing my tummy, and of course she wants to do what her daddy does. She is really sweet, she waves "hi" and then gives my belly a kiss. She is going to be an awesome big sister.

Sometimes I wonder how in the world I am going to love another child as much as I love Lexi. The Holy Spirit reminds me who's image I am created in. I am created in the image of God, who is Love Himself. So it is in my DNA to love my children completely and uniquely. I know that I will have plenty of love to give because God freely gives His love to me every day.

So those are the random thoughts of this preggo.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Monday I spent all day cleaning my house so that I could put up my tree in a clean my mind it adds to the splendor! Anyway Monday night after Lexi went to bed I finished decorating the tree and I was very pleased and very tired. Tuesday morning I went into her room got her ready for the day and we went to the living room to begin our morning ritual of Backyardigans, breakfast and doing her hair. Then she saw the tree in the corner of the room. I put her down in front of the tree and she just pointed and stared for a minute, then she said "WHOA". She had found the Backyardigan ornament on the tree. She pointed and smiled and then said whoa about 49 more times! She was in awe of this beautiful tree in our home. It made my heart warm. I hope she enjoys the Christmas season as much as I do, I look forward to sharing memories with my sweet little Lexi.

Now to make sure that she has ten times more awe for the Reason we celebrate then how we celebrate...all in good time. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tagged...with reflection

So, by virtue to reading her blog on the subject, I have now been tagged to do the following blog-thanks Laura.

1. Go to your pictures folder and open the fourth folder

2. Upload the fourth picture and explain it

3. Tag four friends


2. From the folder with some pictures from my sweet friend Amanda, pictured with me. Amanda and I are at one of my baby showers. I am 37 weeks pregnant with Lexi. Amanda came from Arkansas to see me and to help me get the room ready for Lexi-Bear. Amanda and I have known each other for since summer of 1999. We met at the best kamp in the world, Kids Across America. In 2000 we were co-counselors and we had the best time! She is a very faithful friend, and she shares the same love for the Texas Longhorns as I do. Love you Manna!

3. As far as tagging... Joy, Karen, are officially tagged. Can't wait to see your pictures and memories.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Uninvited Guest

Last night Lexi had just laid down to go to sleep, I was watching "Made of Honor" and talking to Rabu on the phone. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something scurry across the floor down the hall toward our bedrooms. I did not want to move, but I knew that I had to go get the thing out of my house...the nerve of a mouse coming to stay the night without an invitation! So Rabu told me I had to be brave and get the broom and something to catch the mouse in and go find and capture the mouse. EEEEKKKK....that is why I have a husband!! Well he was not home so I had to take care of it.

I went and got the broom and found the mouse in our bedroom, I was so glad it had not gone into Lexi's room... that could have been a disaster. So I knew it was under my dresser so I put a bath and body works bag in the corner and made some noise by the dresser hoping that the mouse would "seek shelter" in the bag. It worked!! So I put my foot on the front of the bag to close it. This was the part that I did not think through... I did not know how I was going to pick the bag up with out letting the mouse out, or it jumping out and clawing my eyes out... it was a vicious little brown mouse I am sure. I decided that I should not try to pick up and carry the bag so I kept my foot on the bag and scooted the bag out of our room and down the hall to the front door. Rabu had told me to open the front door so that I could get rid of it quickly when I had caught it. He is so smart. I scooted the bag to the front door, then as fast as I could bent down and grabbed the handle to the bag and threw the whole bag, mouse and all out on the front porch. I saw the mouse scurry away. Thank God that thing was no longer in my home!! Whew... I felt so brave and strong! :)

So if you have a mouse in your house and you need help getting rid of it, don't call me, I have already done my duty!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fevers, Teeth, and a Cantankerous Child

This weekend was an interesting one. Lexi had a fever off and on all weekend. It broke for a few hours on Saturday to return that evening and then finally broke on Sunday. It is so sad to see the little ball of joy and energy just sit there beside me and stare. She was so tired and lethargic. We have been so blessed to not have much sickness in our family so this was new around our house.

Just when we saw a glimmer of our Lexi back on Sunday night, Monday morning she woke up "in a mood". She did not want anything but to be held. We tried to feed her, she threw a fit, we tried to give her milk, she threw a fit, we tried to give her a bath, she threw a you see a pattern here? So I did what all good moms do, I loaded her up in the car and went to Starbucks. Ha Ha, I know that sounds very selfish, but I knew we were going to have a day ahead so a pumpkin spice latte and slice of pumpkin loaf couldn't hurt. I also got Lexi a blueberry muffin. The car ride relaxed her and when we got home she ate the muffin. So all day she acted sick but did not have a fever. That is when the mommy radar clued in...this must be teething as other moms know it. We have again been blessed with teething so far. Lexi only has four teeth and they came in with no trouble at all. It appears she is working on two teeth coming in, so her behavior made sense. No wonder she did not want to eat, it probably hurt. No wonder she was clingy, she was in pain. So we gave her some Tylenol and she was a lot more pleasant.

In light of the last couple day's events Lexi has been quite cantankerous. But really do you blame her? I would be too if I had a fever and then just when I got over that, my mouth started hurting... yeah, that would put me in a bad mood and I would want my mommy too!

Today she is doing a little better, but still seems irritated with her mouth.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I went to a funeral today for a wonderful man that I used to work with. He was only 35 and had been fighting cancer for a year. He has a sweetheart of a wife and 7 beautiful children that are going to miss him terribly. We will all miss him and his cheery disposition.

As my heart aches for this family in their loss, I cannot help but be thankful. I am thankful for salvation, and God's grace and love. I am thankful for my wonderful husband and sweet baby girls. I am thankful for a family that loves me for who I am. I am thankful for health and life for myself and those I love.

So today, and with the Thanksgiving season here, think about what you are thankful for. The simple things, the things we might at first glance not notice or take for granted. If you want, leave a comment and tell us what you are thankful for.

I am thankful for all of you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's a...

Our little one on the way is a GIRL!! We are so excited for our little baby girl! She was so wiggly on the ultrasound, but we did get a good pic of her lady parts to be pretty sure its a girl! I am sure Lexi is going to be so excited to have a little sister, and she is going to be an awesome big sister! So all those girly clothes in my attic are going to get to be used again! Yay!

Time is moving slowly

I am trying to wait patiently until our appointment to find out the sex of our baby. The hours seem to be creeping by. I will post the results when I have them. :) I cannot wait. I keep day dreaming about my little one.

Oh and for those who might not have known... today is election day...go out and vote! ;)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween - Bah! Humbug!

So I am not a fan of Halloween. I have never liked spooky things, and my family never celebrated it growing up. This year for our family, Rabu and I have decided to not celebrate Halloween. I know a lot of good christian families that do dress up and trick-or-treat and I am absolutely OK with that, it is their decision. I do not feel like this is a deal breaker and if someone celebrates the innocent things of Halloween that they are going strait to "Hades". But for the Leyvas we have chosen to not to celebrate. I just figured, if the people of the Jewish faith can say with such confidence because of how they believe that they do not celebrate Christmas, then based on what I believe can simply say I do not celebrate Halloween. So on that note, I am trying to be balanced today. Unfortunately I am getting some pretty awkward responses when people ask me what Lexi is going to be for Halloween. To some I respond, "we do not celebrate Halloween" and then they get all uncomfortable like I am going to go all "charismatic" on them or judge them for what they have decided for their family. To others when they ask what Lexi is going to be for Halloween, I simply say she will be herself... CUTE!

What a challenge to be who I feel like God is calling our family to be and still be a light. I know that the things of God do make people uncomfortable, but I don't want to be labeled as a crazy christian that people write off and no longer listen to. So, as I take a stand for what I believe is right for our family, I am doing my best to make my love walk apparent to those around me. If only people could see my heart, they would know that I am not passing judgement on them. The only person God has asked me to judge is myself.

We will be attending our church's fall festival tonight complete with pony rides and s'mores. I love fall and how the seasons change. So today instead of focusing on the scary things like witches and vampires, we are focusing on the fact that God is faithful through all the season's changes. He is faithful through every season of life, and we are thankful for that. So no better time to celebrate God's goodness than today!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A New Christmas Tradition

OK, I know it is not even Halloween yet and I am already thinking about Christmas!! I can't help it! I LOVE Christmas! So I was out shopping last night with Lexi Bear and we were looking at some ornaments and I had an idea. I am going to pick out an ornament each year that is reminiscent of the year past and then I will write in a little book why I picked the ornament. When she gets old enough then we will go and pick out an ornament together and fill out her book together. So every year as we decorate the tree we will go through the ornaments and the book of memories.

So for this year I am on the search for a Backyardigans ornament. Lexi loves the Backyardigans, it is so cute to watch her dance when they are singing the intro to the show. She has a plush Tasha toy and even one of her words that she says right now is "Tasha". So I thought it appropriate that Backyardigans be her ornament for 2008.

The only tricky thing is that I am having a hard time finding a very cute one. So if any of you see one while you are out shopping let me know!

So here is to the holiday season and to making memories!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Leyva Update

For all of those who I have not talked to lately about Baby Leyva here is a quick update of the pregnancy so far. They have moved my due date to March 30, 2009. I have had a very similar pregnancy as with Lexi. I have not been sick at all, and I feel great! I finally got my energy back, that first trimester is exhausting. As a sweet friend of mine says..."I am so tired, I am growing an arm today". It takes a lot of energy. I am now 18 weeks and it seems to be flying by!

We will find out what the baby's gender is on November 4th, yes election day! So all kinds of exciting results all in one day! I thought we would be more opinionated on what we wanted the gender to be, but surprisingly we really have no preference. A girl would be fun because then they would be so close in age and hopefully be good friends. Rabu said that if it was a girl, his basketball team would be unstoppable. Ha ha. If it is a boy then we will have one of each and a boy would be a lot of fun too. So I guess we will just wait and see.

As far as names... we are waiting to rule out half of them when we find out the gender so that we can begin to narrow it down. I am hoping to have a name or two a lot sooner than when we did with Lexi. So now the question remains...will we tell you the name... probably not. We will probably want to wait and see the kiddo and make sure that it is fitting for its beautiful little face before we name it. :)

Check back for the results on November 4th.

30 years

Wow what a fun weekend of celebrating! I turned 30 this past Sunday, and I will have to tell you, I think turning 30 is fun! I had 4 days of celebration! It all started Friday with many of my sweet friends surprising me at a restaraunt with a party. It was so much fun, here are a few pics.

Then Saturday Rabu, Lexi and I went to dinner to celebrate. As a birthday gift to me I am sure, the Texas Longhorns remained undefeated on Saturday even though my boy Colt McCoy thought about giving the game away!

On Sunday we went to Tahlequah to celebrate with my family. It was a lot of fun, we ate (what Garcias do best), painted pumpkins, and watched football!

Then when I returned to work on Tuesday my cube was decorated with all kinds of "happy birthday" garb and we had a princess tea party complete with tiara and wands. The theme was from 30 to 3. Very sweet of the girls in the office to do!

So here I am feeling very celebrated and thankful for my family, friends, and living the life that I have so far. The amazing part is that I have years and years to come!

Thank you to all who made me feel so celebrated! Love you all!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

because all the cool people are doing it

I have recently been following a few sweet friend's blogs and I truely enjoy looking at them and have been so blessed by thier lives. They have inspired me to start this blog. I am sure as time passes we will see where this goes, and as moods change so will the purpose of this blog. Some days it will be a reporting tool to let you know what is going on in our Leyva Life. Other days it very well could be a "soap box". And still other days it could be a landing pad for all the random thoughts of the day. Regardless I hope that it is encouraging to you.