Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Update

I am now 24 weeks pregnant. I am amazed how quickly this second pregnancy is going! Lexi keeps me plenty distracted and busy. I have managed to pick out the bedding for baby girl's room. (pictured) Now I need to go order her furniture and pick out a wall color so that Rabu can paint the room during his Christmas break.

We are still working on a name. Every night I get the name book out and flip through it. As I usually don't find anything, I ask Rabu to pick a page number and a number between 1 and 10 and I look that name up in the book. Last night it gave us the name Zsa Zsa...uh yeah... we won't be using that one. Oh well we still have 3 1/2 months until the kiddo gets here and we have to name her. My career is deadline driven, so maybe I am subconsciously procrastinating. It would be nice if God would just let us know...all in His time.

Lexi has noticed my belly getting a little bigger. She has mostly noticed daddy talking to and kissing my tummy, and of course she wants to do what her daddy does. She is really sweet, she waves "hi" and then gives my belly a kiss. She is going to be an awesome big sister.

Sometimes I wonder how in the world I am going to love another child as much as I love Lexi. The Holy Spirit reminds me who's image I am created in. I am created in the image of God, who is Love Himself. So it is in my DNA to love my children completely and uniquely. I know that I will have plenty of love to give because God freely gives His love to me every day.

So those are the random thoughts of this preggo.


Deborah said...

Great info Kyna - thanks for sharing. I gather that Lexi and new baby girl will have separate rooms. Coming from a mother of 2 daughters who shared a bedroom for a looong's a good idea to give them their separate space. Particularly since they're girls.. hee hee

Allyson Kellner said...

You have to put up pictures of the new room! :-) Does Lexi have any suggestions for naming her little sister? Haha! I can totally resonate with those feelings of wondering if it is possible to love your second (and third) child as much as your first. The answer is a resounding, "YES!!!!" I love all three of my precious daughters so much--they are such a blessing! Children are a blessing! :-)

MontyG3 said...

I'm still pushing for Adelle.

Just let Rabu know it is a GREAT name. :)

Becca Van Valkenburg said...

Oh my goodness, that bedding is fabulous! I can't believe you're 24 weeks either... we need to do a belly comparison next Sunday. I'm getting so huge!!! This little boy is already wearing me out! Miss you guys!

Mindy said...

Hey, is your bedding from pottery barn?? I think Marie has that bedding for Addie. It's very cute! :)

Derek and I are trying to help you think of girl names, so we wrote some of the suggestions we got at our wedding and some we came up with on our own. :o)

Malia, Layne, Grace, Londyn, Kayla, Lauren, Telullah (umm...this one was Derek's suggestion), Lindross (for Rabu..ha ha!).