Saturday, January 10, 2009

Night at the Movies

I went and saw the movie "Marley and Me" last night. It is a very cute movie about a family and their ornery dog Marley. It is also a very sad movie because it shows the reality of owning a pet and how people usually out live their animals that they love so much. There were some slow parts and some boring parts, but I think that mostly is attributable to the fact that I am just not a dog person, I am not really an animal person. Rabu and I have always agreed on the fact that we do not want any pets. Well while watching this movie and the emotions that the owners were going through while they lost their beloved dog I realized one of the reasons why I do not want a dog, cat or any other animal. I am just not that brave.

To have a pet means to me that I am choosing on purpose to bring another "person" in my life that I will love and have to lose. I just don't think I am willing to inflict that kind of pain on myself. I completely respect those who dare to love animals and give them a good home knowing that one day they will no longer be there to cuddle and be a companion. I do think that miss out on the rewards of having a pet, they are so fun, caring and don't care about all the silly things that people care about. They are unconditional in their love and are wonderful companions. I had a cat when I was younger and enjoyed having him, but when he passed, I thought I don't want to have to do that again.

So who knew a sweet movie about a dog and his family would give me an enlightened heart, maybe I should be more willing to love without fear of losing that person or our lives growing apart. Now to those who think I am going to go out and get a pet... uh no, I was enlightened not brainwashed. :o)

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