Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I {HEART} Valentine's Day!!

So I am pretty sure that with Christmas as my #1 favorite holiday Valentine's Day comes in Second...oh wait, then there is Easter...hmmmm. Anyway, I love Valentine's Day and always have. My most vivid memory of Valentine's day is coming home from school and mom had little gifts for us sitting at our places at the table. Something so fun about that.

I have been trying to make it a fun event for our girls as well. We filled out their Valentines for their friends at school and they were so excited to take them. I also went all matchy matchy with their outfit for today too. (mostly cuz it was easy!) And when I came home I brought them all a new my little pony to play with. Small simple and cheap! :)

I asked Lexi at dinner what Valentine's day meant to her and she said, "that I love Jesus and he loves us." Yes I melted. What joy!

So here are my girls wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wisdom Shared During the Golden Globes

We had the Golden Globes on tonight since all the football games were over. I have a thing for seeing celebs in their real roles. I like to see if they are awkward, or quirky, graceful, or silly. I like to see the person behind the character. Anyway we were watching the many cheesy jokes and sappy acceptance speeches.

Lexi clued in to the show and just watched for a minute. Someone with a yellow dress came on. I did not recognize her, but it was a modest dress and it was beautiful. Lexi said, "oh that yellow dress is beautiful! you know mommy it doesn't show her belly or her chest." Next Tina Fey and Jane Lynch came out. Tina wearing a beautiful red dress and Jane in a beautiful black dress. Jane's dress was cut very low and Tina's was a typical strapless ball gown. Lexi says why does that black dress have a hole in it? I said do you mean why does it come so low? She said yeah, I don't like that, but her red dress is beautiful! I am so proud that she is starting to get that modest is beautiful and that is what we want to be. Its baby steps from the beginning...and I will make her come back and read this blog when we are picking out prom dresses 12 years from now.

Then she asked me if everyone would be getting a trophy. I told her no, not everyone wins. Some take home a trophy and some just get to be there to celebrate the winners. A lesson that many these days don't quite understand.

Then when Octavia Spenser won her Globe for "The Help" and they showed Melissa McCarthy crying, Lexi asked if she was crying because she did not win. I told her no, she is crying because she is so happy for her friend that won. I explained to her that sometimes we are so happy we can't help but cry.

Who knew that we would get to cover such fundamental and important life lessons while watching the Golden Globes. Mommas and Daddies always be ready for the teachable moments. They are little chances to teach our little ones. Sometimes they are encouraging moments where you realize that they are catching what you are teaching and other times it is just to reinforce a core belief within them.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Job, New Blog


Here at the Leyva home we are living it up Leyva style. We are jumping into 2012 with zest!! Or we are just crazy? No seriously, this first week of twenty twelve has been not a normal week. Rabu is hosting the Memorial Shootout Basketball Tournament that he does for the area Jr. High basketball teams. What this means for us is that he is not at home Tuesday - Sunday this week. It's "girls nights" all week long! Us Leyva girls call daddy's game nights "girls nights" to make them more fun! As if that was not enough to make this little momma exhausted I started my new job last Friday and this was my first week. How's that for kickin' in the New Year. Oh, you didn't know I got a new job? Oh well keep reading I will tell you what I learned through the decision process.


This past October I found myself in a quandary. I had a job offer from a very good firm with some different opportunities for me. I had a choice to make. Do I stay at my current job that is a good job at a great firm with wonderful people or do I take the risk for the potential of the new job and what it could be. It's a win win for me. I end up with a good job either way! What a blessing! Even though the two job quandary was a blessing it was definitely a fork in the road. A big one! You know in the movies when you see a fork in the road it's pretty clear witch way you should go. One way is dark, scary and they play creepy music when they pan over to it. Then the other way is sunshine, birds singing and clear skies!! Yeah, this was not that clear. It was all sunshine and birds singing on both paths. Thank God for opportunity but a girl has to make a decision.

At a time like this we tend to look for anything and anyone to give us a sign, a word from God, anything to make the decision for us. I found myself responding that way. I talked to some people that I respect in my profession and they said you will make the right choice for you and your family. I talked to a spiritual mentor of mine and she said, " you hear God, you will know what to do." I talked to Rabu and he said, "I have no doubt you will make the right choice. Whatever it is, I am behind you." Are you noticing a trend here? NO ONE would make the decision for me!

So I did what us type A logical puzzle solvers do...I thought about it...talked about it...obsessed over it. All while trying to "figure out what to do". You know there are times in life where you don't get to "figure it out". This was one of those times. God in His sweet way was once again calling me to Himself. God has ways of working in our lives and our situations to create opportunity for relationship with Him. One thing I strongly believe is that in all of God's plans for humankind the original plan still stands true...Relationship. That is all he wants with us. To love us and us love Him in return. Simple really. We make it so complicated.

So, I talked to God and nothing. He is just teasing me now isn't He? So I talked with Him again and nope not a thing. The problem was I was still looking for a sign, a Word through someone, anyone else. It's like talking to your father and looking to your mother for the answer...that makes no sense. You are not building relationship with your father if you are only listening to your mother. Same applies here, it's hard to build relationship with God when you do not listen for His voice. Finally, with focus on God, I heard Him. When I say I heard Him, I do not mean an actual audible voice or even through the Bible. It wasn't even the "still small voice" you hear people talk about. It was Peace. Sometimes Peace about something speaks louder than any "mighty Word from the Lord" or catchy quote on pinterest. Although I do believe God can use either of those. Personally He took me to Peace; Peace to my core. I would take the new job.

I would love to say that it was easy from there. Oh no. As I told one of the people at my previous job, "don't ever leave, it is so much harder than staying!" I had to go tell a group of people that I have grown to care for, friends, and people I highly respect that even though they have been so good to me and have offered me great opportunity I was going to leave and accept another job. Now that folks, is hard!! They made efforts to keep me and when they realized that I had made up my mind they showered appreciation on me. All the love made me second guess. Am I making the right decision? I don't even know but three of the the people at the other firm. What if they are crazy!! Then came the Holy Spirit to remind me of the Peace. Oh yes, that is right, whew; now I am centered again.

The see-saw of doubt and peace went on for almost a month. I worked out my two weeks notice handing off clients and projects to others. Then I took off two weeks for the Christmas holiday. The whole time saying to myself and Rabu, "I hope I did not make a huge mistake. " Even the morning of my first day I was nervous and excited. The thought kept going through my mind, oh I hope this is right. Then God interrupted my thoughts with a simple and slightly exasperated, "will you just let me show myself faithful?"

I simply said, "Yes, please show yourself faithful." From that moment the Peace became more than just a remembrance of a moment. It stuck with me. You see, it went from me having a peace but feeling like I have to go do it to having a peace and letting God do it through me. All He needs us to do is seek Him and obey. He does the rest. He has wired me for this job. He has timed it for now. I just have to go be who He has created me to be and He will show Himself faithful!!

So after the first week I have nothing but excitement for what is to come with the career that God has given me and where I get to do that now. He has already begun to show Himself faithful...oh me of little faith.


OK so maybe the blog is not completely new, but the fact that I have not blogged since our anniversary in July might make it new. Seeing as though I have not posted anything about Lexi's 4th birthday, Sadie's 1st birthday, Thanksgiving or Christmas, saying I am behind is an understatement...but if you have been following this blog for any length of time you know what I am about to say...

This blog is an outlet not an obligation...guilt gone!! :o)

So happy new year, happy new job, and happy new blog (kinda)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ten Years

Ok, just love that my 100th post is about celebrating ten years of marriage to my best friend, Rabu Leyva. Ten years ago today we said, "I do." Today, i say it all over again. Rabu Leyva, I DO! I love you, I love our life, I love being your friend and your wife. (seriously did not mean to be a poet today).

Here are a few pictures from our wedding day July 21,2001.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sadie ~ 8 Months

Sadie is 8 months!! Our little smooga-booga is getting so big. Today she crawled!!I am still kinda in shock at how quickly this is going. I mean really you would think by the third one I would get used to how quickly they grow and change...but nope! NOT USED TO IT!!!

Sadie is exploring her world and is fully mobile. It may take her a little while to wiggle her way to what she has her eye on, but she is determined to get there. She has just today started to crawl forward just a bit. All month she was going in reverse. Watch out it is about to get interesting around here.

So much action and adventure with our three little girls. What JOY!! Sadie you are using your words like momma and dada to make us smile. You are amazing and we are so glad God sent you to our not so little anymore family.

Here are a few of her 8 month pics that we took in the blazing heat! (don't ya just love summers in Oklahoma?)

Sadie is like...um...this is my photo op!

blessed....so so blessed

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day Rabu Leyva!

Rabu you are the BEST daddy to these girls. They love you so much! You are exactly what we need for our family! You make us laugh, you make our family fun, and you cover us as a father should. Thank you for being an amazing man, a wonderful example to your daughters and the best daddy I could ever wish for to our children. We love you, happy father's day!

Paisley, Paisley Bo Baisley

Just a few pics of Paisley Poo while we were grillin' dinner...she was lookin' so stinkin' cute I had to capture a few shots...enjoy!

Sadie 7 Months

At seven months Sadie is a professional sitter and making good progress at rolling around to change her surroundings. She is curious about everything. If something is in reach her hands are on it! She is such a happy kid, content to watch and laugh at her family. She has now mastered the art of saying "da da" and "ma ma". Unfortunately, as with the other girls, "da da" came first. "Ma ma" was not too far behind though. She gives pretty good snuggles. My favorite time with her is the couple minutes that I get to cuddle with her before she goes to sleep at night. She is just full enough from her last bottle and sleepy enough that she will lay her little head down and cuddle with mommy as I pray over her. Love those sweet moments. We love you Sadie dear.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

conversations with Lexi about secrets and rainbows


Lexi was wanting to keep something a secret from daddy, so daddy tells her, "baby, we don't have secrets with family." Later that day Rabu was leaving to go somewhere and he says to Lexi, I will bring you back a surprise. Lexi asked what the surprise was and he said, "I can't tell you." She sweetly responds, "no secrets daddy." You never really know what is going to stick, this apparently did.


Tonight Lexi was coloring and she says, "Mommy I am going to color a rainbow." To which I said, "that sounds great baby it will be so pretty." After a pause she says, "I am going to go over the rainbow, mommy can you take me over the rainbow?" While I was trying to figure out my response to such a wonderful request she says,"I want to slide down the rainbow."

That sounds wonderful baby, I sure wish I could take you over the rainbow and slide down with you.

Childhood is so magical and simple, why does life get so complicated?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Proud of my Little Dancer

Today was Lexi's first dance recital. She has been taking dance with Tippi Toes since last August. She has really enjoyed her dance class and loves doing the dances for us. So we bought the costume and dance shoes for her recital.

Today we were getting dressed for the recital and BOOM...total. melt. down. "Mommy, I don't want to go to my 'cital. I don't want to dance. I don't want to be cute." Oh ok... breathe Kyna, what do we do...

option one...go all "toddlers in tiaras" on her and make her do it tears and all....
option two...calm her down and with my best negotiating skills talk her into performing...
option three...let daddy handle it.

Option one...Um No, not my style.
Option two...this did not work...I needed a professional negotiator to get her to budge
Option three... ah yes...daddy to the rescue.

He took Lexi over to her staging area with all the other girls from her dance class. Tried his best to get her to dance. The recital started and I did not see them. I did not know if she was going to dance or not. Then her group came out. No Lexi...sigh...oh well.

Later Lexi and Daddy came bopping out from behind stage and Lexi looked so happy. Come to find out she and Daddy had been handing candy out to the dancers as they came off stage and telling them good job. She was happy as a clam just celebrating those who danced, she had no need to dance herself. Rabu said it was such a joy to watch her celebrating her friends. Better than watching her do any dance. I could not be more proud!

Love you Lexi our little dancer-encourager :)