Friday, December 25, 2009

Paisley Noelle ~ Nine Months

Our sweet Paisley is now 9 months old. She is getting so big and SO BUSY!! She crawls everywhere and is super fast. She is not afraid of anything! She wants to be anywhere that big sister Lexi is and playing with whatever big sis is playing with. Paisley is such a sweet cuddler too. She will just put her sweet little head down on your shoulder and smile. She is a funny girl, I am excited for the next three months, they change so much in the first two years it is crazy! I would not be surprised if she is walking soon, she is already pulling herself up and cruising a little bit. She has great motivation to keep up with Lexi. And for those of you wondering please notice the curls in the picture, yes her hair will be curly, I am thinking very curly, just like Lexi's. Only time will tell. We love you sweet Paisley, our lives would not be as sweet with out you. God thank you for the blessing you gave us in Paisley!

A few pictures for your viewing pleasure:
Paisley pulling herself up for the first time

Sweet girl with her daddy

I just love kissing that sweet face!

Merry Christmas!

Love you Baby Girl!!

Ok so reading through this before I post I noticed that I used the word sweet a lot...I tried to think of another word as to not be redundant, but that is just what she is...sweet. :)

Christmas Train

I have wanted to go out to Dry Gulch for the Christmas Train for many years now, it is amazing what you will get out and do when you have kids. So this year was the year, we took the trek out to Adair, OK to ride the Christmas Train. It is really a cool set up that they have out there. It is very theme parky, set in the Old West. Grandma and Pa Pa joined us for the fun. We rode the old steam train first. You ride it around the camp and it tells the story of Christ from Creation to Jesus raising from the dead. Lexi really liked the train. After the train you go into a theatre and watch a short video with Willie George telling you more about salvation and then leading in the salvation prayer. The coolest thing happened. Lexi was really squirmy through the whole video like a two year old would be and then as soon as Pastor George began to pray the prayer of salvation Lexi stopped and stared. It was like her little spirit was listening and God had began tugging on her heart to call her to Himself. A journey that I am excited to watch her experience, and then one day ask Jesus to be Lord of her life. What a sweet, sweet moment for this Momma.

After the train ride we walked around the streets of the "town" and Lexi kept saying she wanted to ride the train again...the ticket was only good for one ride so we moved on. We then took her over to the carousel. She rode that several times so she got to ride several of the animals they had on the carousel. I believe she rode a giraffe, tiger, chicken and then finally she got to ride the white puppy with black spots. Pa Pa, Daddy and I took turns riding with her. Mom and I got to stroll through the general store, it had very cute Christmas stuff. When it was time to go there were many protests from Lexi saying that she did not want to leave but that she wanted to ride the train...looks like we will be going back next year.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Pictures 2009

Three Little Piggies

Last week I took the girls to get winter pajamas and Lexi picked out some all by her self. She has wanted to wear them every night for the last week. I have already washed them twice so that she can keep wearing them. Thank God it was pajama day on Friday at her school so she could finally wear them to school like she had wanted to all week long. Here are the three little piggies:

This little piggie is CUTE

This little piggie is FLYING

this little piggie is DANCING

Christmas Ornaments 2009

So each year I am getting the girls an ornament that symbolizes the year, eventually they will be old enough to help pick it out and document why so that it will be a cool thing to have and to think back over the years as we decorate the tree. Here are the picks for this year.

Lexi's ornament is a Dora the Explorer holding a star. The reason I picked this one is because Dora was hands down her favorite show this year, she wanted to watch Dora all the time. The star also has some significance, Lexi sings Twinkle Twinkle little Star all the time. So I thought this was a good find.

Paisley's ornament has a very cute pink and green stocking, much similar to the stocking that she has at Pa Pa and Grandma's house. Paisley's room is also decorated in pink and green. I found this ornament on it is done by a very talented lady, and I just love, love, love it!

The lady who sells these will also personalize for free and she put Paisley's name and the year on the back of the ornament. I thought it was just perfect for her Baby's First Christmas ornament.

Dancing Trees

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went to Rhema Lights. Lexi loved looking at all the lights and particularly liked the "dancing trees". They have some of their lights set to blink to the music. Lexi could have watched that all night long, in fact she protested very strongly with a royal fit when it was time to leave. Ever since, she keeps asking to go see the Christmas trees. I think she liked it folks. Paisley on the other hand was sleepy so, she slept through the whole thing. Maybe next year for her.

Lexi wanted to ride the horsies... I had to explain how these would be no fun to ride. bless her heart.

I love this man! He is the best!

The Dancing Trees

Rabu and Grandma


yeah, yeah I know Thanksgiving was a month ago, but hey better late than never right?

So we had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Grandma Rhonda came up from Texas and spent some very fun days with us. She also joined us in Tahlequah at Grandma Gail and Pa Pa's house. The siblings came with their kiddos too and we had a blast playing and chasing and eating and being family. Here are a few pictures from our day.

Paisley & Pa Pa

Lexi reading a book with Grandma and Grandma...yeah that got a little confusing :) but what a wonderful "problem" to have.
Lexi helped Pa Pa pick some peppers from their garden, here she is showing whose daughter she is and organizing them all. :)

Paisley hanging out with cousin Annalee

Cousin Annalee

Alex and Adalynn climbing the apple tree, this was 2 seconds before they told me to go get their mom, they wanted to see her "freak out" ha ha
Cousin Catherine
(cousin Aydan was having so much fun running around I did not get a picture of him, run and enjoy little guy!)

The siblings... nathan, lea, and kyna


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where have I been?

OK so that title is two fold... I have not posted many things lately, I have like 3 or 4 posts that I need to do from the Thanksgiving holiday, but good things come to those who wait.

Also where have I been?...everyone has been talking about Etsy this and Etsy that. I have been "meaning" to get on there for awhile. Well my ornament search for Paisley's first Christmas ornament sent me there. And OH MY GOSH, where have I been?!?! What a wonderful collection of handmade things!

So I ordered her ornament, I would show you a picture but I will save that for another post where I will show you both Lexi and Paisley's 2009 ornament and why I picked them. I can't wait until they can thoughtfully pick out their own ornaments, this is going to be a fun tradition.

So I leave you wanting more, stay tuned to the leyva life!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Girl

Lexi picked out her first backpack. She wanted to wear it to bed. So cute!

We converted her bed to a big girl bed.

Helping mommy cook Paisley's baby food.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Girls

Rabu and I are just amazed at how incredibly blessed we are to have two healthy, sweet, fun and beautiful girls. They are growing up so fast!! I know people told me that, but for some reason its something you don't believe until you are living it. Here is a quick update on our two precious ones:

Lexi Bear
  • singing "crinkle, crinkle, little star" - my favorite part is when she says "uppa buppa" for "up above the" - Twinkle, Twinkle little star never sounded so sweet

  • sitting on the potty when she feels like it... we have had one successful "poopy in the potty", but most of the time she just says "NO!!"

  • loving her little sist-ter, Paisel-ley --- so cute how she adds an extra syllable to both sister and Paisley

  • Likes "Jack's big music show" on Nick Jr.

  • she is talking soooo much, she has such a vast vocabulary

  • Loves her Bible, and she pretends to be reading it, it sounds much like this, " So Jesus, Jesus, So, mommy, daddy, Jesus" then she giggles.

  • She thinks she is a super fast runner...we will have to see about that.


  • a crawling master!!

  • gets into everything she can get her hands on, exploring the world around her.

  • always wants to get Lexi's toys, and thankfully Lexi is really sweet to replace her toys with Paisley's toys so that Paisley always has something to play with.

  • a really good sleeper, she does not like to be rocked to sleep, she rather you just put her in bed and let her be.

  • LOVES her sister Lexi! She just glows when Lexi talks to her. Lexi also makes her laugh when she plays with her.

  • likes watching the TV so we have to keep distracting her with toys that are much better for her to play with.

  • likes her solid foods, she likes everything so far except for bananas and summer squash. Avocado is her favorite. She is starting to feed herself "puffs" and would eat them by the gallon if we didn't cut her off.

  • loves her Johnny jump up...the girl would bounce for hours if we would let her, and maybe we should so she can work off all the puffs that she eats... ha ha

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today our little family packed up and headed to Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch. They really have a great set up out there. They have tons of pumpkins for the kiddos to climb on and to choose from. Lots of farm animals, pony and camel rides, a corn maze, and hay ride. We spent our time climbing on the pumpkins and visiting the animals. Lexi also rode a pony, she of course loved that!
at first Lexi was not sure what to think

then she quickly caught on to how much fun it was to,
"climb, climb, climb"

Daddy got caught by a scarecrow!!!

Lexi to the rescue

Photo opp, could not get one with both of the girls looking and smiling...oh well

Lexi and Cherokee, she was such a big girl, she rode all by her self and loved every minute of it

Our little pumpkin!

Look Daddy, Chickens, ducks, turkeys and... .what is that?

Anyone know what the heck these are??? they look like deer-rabbits. Crazy!!
We had a great time. And for those of you who are looking for some inexpensive fall fun, try a pumpkin patch. This one was free admission, free petting zoo, $4 pony ride, and we spent $5 on pumpkins. Good Family Fall FUN!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Have you Smiled today?

These girls make me smile everyday, I thought I would share the love. :)