Friday, September 25, 2009

Sleepy Cereal

Tonight we got home from work and I made dinner super quick so that Rabu could eat before he headded off to ref a football game. Paisley was really ready to eat her dinner once I got the rest of the family fed. So we sat down to feed Paisley her cereal, which she loves. She makes the cutest faces when she is eating. My sweet little Paisley was so tired from her fun day at school that as soon as her belly started getting a little full this is what happened...I could not stop laughing:

mommy I think I am sleepy

mmmm, but this cereal is soo good

Cant. fight. the. sleep.

... zzzzzzzzzzzz ...

Paisley Noelle ~ 6 Months old

OK I realize it has been a month or more since I have posted something. I cannot begin to explain how busy this last month has been, blogging was just not on the priority list. I must live by my own advice..."a blog is an outlet, not an obligation" :0)

Back to the precious point of this blog... our baby is already 6 months old! A few highlights of Paisley's 5th month:
I began to sit up on my own!

I love sitting up and playing!!

I started eating rice cereal!


Yay Food!!

We go for her 6 month check up at the doctor on Monday and I will post her stats when we get them. We are having such a good time with our little Paisley, she is such a sweet blessing to our family.