Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Update - Week 30

I am 30 weeks pregnant!! We went to the doctor last week and she told me to tentatively plan for March 24th to be delivery day!! That is only 9 weeks away! We are so excited. We heard baby girl's heartbeat and she is growing perfectly.

We have not made any more strides with the name. Rabu has one that he is leaning towards and I have one that I like...but we need to spend some more time thinking about it.

Ok so we don't have pics of the room yet but we are getting there...hopefully we will have some pics by next week of the room with furniture and all. :)

Lexi tried to give my belly her milk...she said "baby" and put her sippy cup to my belly and made yum yum sounds.

Baby girl will be here before we know it!! Yay!

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Mindy said...

Wow! So March 24th is the official day?? Well tentatively... :) I can't believe she's almost here!!!