Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ten Years

Ok, just love that my 100th post is about celebrating ten years of marriage to my best friend, Rabu Leyva. Ten years ago today we said, "I do." Today, i say it all over again. Rabu Leyva, I DO! I love you, I love our life, I love being your friend and your wife. (seriously did not mean to be a poet today).

Here are a few pictures from our wedding day July 21,2001.


okieinthecity said...

Love you both. But I may love the little Leyva more by default. Compliments all around!

Becca Van Valkenburg said...

Congrats, you crazy lovebirds! Here's to 60 more!

Stacey said...

Sorry to leave a comment here, there wasn't a way to email you back when I got your comment! Loved what you said about having a fear of wall commitment! Ahahahaha! I tend to as well, but slap that UL up girl and you'll be so glad you did!!