Saturday, May 21, 2011

Proud of my Little Dancer

Today was Lexi's first dance recital. She has been taking dance with Tippi Toes since last August. She has really enjoyed her dance class and loves doing the dances for us. So we bought the costume and dance shoes for her recital.

Today we were getting dressed for the recital and melt. down. "Mommy, I don't want to go to my 'cital. I don't want to dance. I don't want to be cute." Oh ok... breathe Kyna, what do we do...

option one...go all "toddlers in tiaras" on her and make her do it tears and all....
option two...calm her down and with my best negotiating skills talk her into performing...
option three...let daddy handle it.

Option one...Um No, not my style.
Option two...this did not work...I needed a professional negotiator to get her to budge
Option three... ah yes...daddy to the rescue.

He took Lexi over to her staging area with all the other girls from her dance class. Tried his best to get her to dance. The recital started and I did not see them. I did not know if she was going to dance or not. Then her group came out. No Lexi...sigh...oh well.

Later Lexi and Daddy came bopping out from behind stage and Lexi looked so happy. Come to find out she and Daddy had been handing candy out to the dancers as they came off stage and telling them good job. She was happy as a clam just celebrating those who danced, she had no need to dance herself. Rabu said it was such a joy to watch her celebrating her friends. Better than watching her do any dance. I could not be more proud!

Love you Lexi our little dancer-encourager :)



SarahinOK said...

This post brought a tear to my eye. Love it. Sweet girl!

Traci said...

LOVE the Toddlers in Tiaras comment!!! YOu're hilarious! =)