Friday, June 17, 2011

Sadie 7 Months

At seven months Sadie is a professional sitter and making good progress at rolling around to change her surroundings. She is curious about everything. If something is in reach her hands are on it! She is such a happy kid, content to watch and laugh at her family. She has now mastered the art of saying "da da" and "ma ma". Unfortunately, as with the other girls, "da da" came first. "Ma ma" was not too far behind though. She gives pretty good snuggles. My favorite time with her is the couple minutes that I get to cuddle with her before she goes to sleep at night. She is just full enough from her last bottle and sleepy enough that she will lay her little head down and cuddle with mommy as I pray over her. Love those sweet moments. We love you Sadie dear.

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