Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wisdom Shared During the Golden Globes

We had the Golden Globes on tonight since all the football games were over. I have a thing for seeing celebs in their real roles. I like to see if they are awkward, or quirky, graceful, or silly. I like to see the person behind the character. Anyway we were watching the many cheesy jokes and sappy acceptance speeches.

Lexi clued in to the show and just watched for a minute. Someone with a yellow dress came on. I did not recognize her, but it was a modest dress and it was beautiful. Lexi said, "oh that yellow dress is beautiful! you know mommy it doesn't show her belly or her chest." Next Tina Fey and Jane Lynch came out. Tina wearing a beautiful red dress and Jane in a beautiful black dress. Jane's dress was cut very low and Tina's was a typical strapless ball gown. Lexi says why does that black dress have a hole in it? I said do you mean why does it come so low? She said yeah, I don't like that, but her red dress is beautiful! I am so proud that she is starting to get that modest is beautiful and that is what we want to be. Its baby steps from the beginning...and I will make her come back and read this blog when we are picking out prom dresses 12 years from now.

Then she asked me if everyone would be getting a trophy. I told her no, not everyone wins. Some take home a trophy and some just get to be there to celebrate the winners. A lesson that many these days don't quite understand.

Then when Octavia Spenser won her Globe for "The Help" and they showed Melissa McCarthy crying, Lexi asked if she was crying because she did not win. I told her no, she is crying because she is so happy for her friend that won. I explained to her that sometimes we are so happy we can't help but cry.

Who knew that we would get to cover such fundamental and important life lessons while watching the Golden Globes. Mommas and Daddies always be ready for the teachable moments. They are little chances to teach our little ones. Sometimes they are encouraging moments where you realize that they are catching what you are teaching and other times it is just to reinforce a core belief within them.

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Holly Tumpkin said...

Ah I love this. What a smart girl. Love that you have this for future ref with her lol! What a great mom!