Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sadie ~ 8 Months

Sadie is 8 months!! Our little smooga-booga is getting so big. Today she crawled!!I am still kinda in shock at how quickly this is going. I mean really you would think by the third one I would get used to how quickly they grow and change...but nope! NOT USED TO IT!!!

Sadie is exploring her world and is fully mobile. It may take her a little while to wiggle her way to what she has her eye on, but she is determined to get there. She has just today started to crawl forward just a bit. All month she was going in reverse. Watch out it is about to get interesting around here.

So much action and adventure with our three little girls. What JOY!! Sadie you are using your words like momma and dada to make us smile. You are amazing and we are so glad God sent you to our not so little anymore family.

Here are a few of her 8 month pics that we took in the blazing heat! (don't ya just love summers in Oklahoma?)

Sadie is is my photo op!

 so blessed

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Becca Van Valkenburg said...

Oh, I just wanna eat her up!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous girls!