Friday, December 25, 2009

Paisley Noelle ~ Nine Months

Our sweet Paisley is now 9 months old. She is getting so big and SO BUSY!! She crawls everywhere and is super fast. She is not afraid of anything! She wants to be anywhere that big sister Lexi is and playing with whatever big sis is playing with. Paisley is such a sweet cuddler too. She will just put her sweet little head down on your shoulder and smile. She is a funny girl, I am excited for the next three months, they change so much in the first two years it is crazy! I would not be surprised if she is walking soon, she is already pulling herself up and cruising a little bit. She has great motivation to keep up with Lexi. And for those of you wondering please notice the curls in the picture, yes her hair will be curly, I am thinking very curly, just like Lexi's. Only time will tell. We love you sweet Paisley, our lives would not be as sweet with out you. God thank you for the blessing you gave us in Paisley!

A few pictures for your viewing pleasure:
Paisley pulling herself up for the first time

Sweet girl with her daddy

I just love kissing that sweet face!

Merry Christmas!

Love you Baby Girl!!

Ok so reading through this before I post I noticed that I used the word sweet a lot...I tried to think of another word as to not be redundant, but that is just what she is...sweet. :)


Becca Van Valkenburg said...

SWEET really IS the perfect word for her. So glad we got to spend time with you guys Sunday! Your girls are precious!

Traci said...

Ugh! She is SOOOOOO sweet! I just want to SQUEEZE her! =) Can't believe she's 9 months already! Sheesh! They grow way too fast!

Aly Matt N Macy said...

My goodness you have a BEAUTIFUL family. I can't believe Paisley is already 9 months... I love her little pink chair, is it Pottery Barn Kids? I want to get Macy one too but she doesn't sit still ;)