Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Ornaments 2009

So each year I am getting the girls an ornament that symbolizes the year, eventually they will be old enough to help pick it out and document why so that it will be a cool thing to have and to think back over the years as we decorate the tree. Here are the picks for this year.

Lexi's ornament is a Dora the Explorer holding a star. The reason I picked this one is because Dora was hands down her favorite show this year, she wanted to watch Dora all the time. The star also has some significance, Lexi sings Twinkle Twinkle little Star all the time. So I thought this was a good find.

Paisley's ornament has a very cute pink and green stocking, much similar to the stocking that she has at Pa Pa and Grandma's house. Paisley's room is also decorated in pink and green. I found this ornament on it is done by a very talented lady, and I just love, love, love it!

The lady who sells these will also personalize for free and she put Paisley's name and the year on the back of the ornament. I thought it was just perfect for her Baby's First Christmas ornament.

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