Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Girls

Rabu and I are just amazed at how incredibly blessed we are to have two healthy, sweet, fun and beautiful girls. They are growing up so fast!! I know people told me that, but for some reason its something you don't believe until you are living it. Here is a quick update on our two precious ones:

Lexi Bear
  • singing "crinkle, crinkle, little star" - my favorite part is when she says "uppa buppa" for "up above the" - Twinkle, Twinkle little star never sounded so sweet

  • sitting on the potty when she feels like it... we have had one successful "poopy in the potty", but most of the time she just says "NO!!"

  • loving her little sist-ter, Paisel-ley --- so cute how she adds an extra syllable to both sister and Paisley

  • Likes "Jack's big music show" on Nick Jr.

  • she is talking soooo much, she has such a vast vocabulary

  • Loves her Bible, and she pretends to be reading it, it sounds much like this, " So Jesus, Jesus, So, mommy, daddy, Jesus" then she giggles.

  • She thinks she is a super fast runner...we will have to see about that.


  • a crawling master!!

  • gets into everything she can get her hands on, exploring the world around her.

  • always wants to get Lexi's toys, and thankfully Lexi is really sweet to replace her toys with Paisley's toys so that Paisley always has something to play with.

  • a really good sleeper, she does not like to be rocked to sleep, she rather you just put her in bed and let her be.

  • LOVES her sister Lexi! She just glows when Lexi talks to her. Lexi also makes her laugh when she plays with her.

  • likes watching the TV so we have to keep distracting her with toys that are much better for her to play with.

  • likes her solid foods, she likes everything so far except for bananas and summer squash. Avocado is her favorite. She is starting to feed herself "puffs" and would eat them by the gallon if we didn't cut her off.

  • loves her Johnny jump up...the girl would bounce for hours if we would let her, and maybe we should so she can work off all the puffs that she eats... ha ha

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Becca Van Valkenburg said...

I love seeing updates on your blog! And I love your two girls, too!!!