Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Train

I have wanted to go out to Dry Gulch for the Christmas Train for many years now, it is amazing what you will get out and do when you have kids. So this year was the year, we took the trek out to Adair, OK to ride the Christmas Train. It is really a cool set up that they have out there. It is very theme parky, set in the Old West. Grandma and Pa Pa joined us for the fun. We rode the old steam train first. You ride it around the camp and it tells the story of Christ from Creation to Jesus raising from the dead. Lexi really liked the train. After the train you go into a theatre and watch a short video with Willie George telling you more about salvation and then leading in the salvation prayer. The coolest thing happened. Lexi was really squirmy through the whole video like a two year old would be and then as soon as Pastor George began to pray the prayer of salvation Lexi stopped and stared. It was like her little spirit was listening and God had began tugging on her heart to call her to Himself. A journey that I am excited to watch her experience, and then one day ask Jesus to be Lord of her life. What a sweet, sweet moment for this Momma.

After the train ride we walked around the streets of the "town" and Lexi kept saying she wanted to ride the train again...the ticket was only good for one ride so we moved on. We then took her over to the carousel. She rode that several times so she got to ride several of the animals they had on the carousel. I believe she rode a giraffe, tiger, chicken and then finally she got to ride the white puppy with black spots. Pa Pa, Daddy and I took turns riding with her. Mom and I got to stroll through the general store, it had very cute Christmas stuff. When it was time to go there were many protests from Lexi saying that she did not want to leave but that she wanted to ride the train...looks like we will be going back next year.

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