Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tagged...with reflection

So, by virtue to reading her blog on the subject, I have now been tagged to do the following blog-thanks Laura.

1. Go to your pictures folder and open the fourth folder

2. Upload the fourth picture and explain it

3. Tag four friends


2. From the folder with some pictures from my sweet friend Amanda, pictured with me. Amanda and I are at one of my baby showers. I am 37 weeks pregnant with Lexi. Amanda came from Arkansas to see me and to help me get the room ready for Lexi-Bear. Amanda and I have known each other for since summer of 1999. We met at the best kamp in the world, Kids Across America. In 2000 we were co-counselors and we had the best time! She is a very faithful friend, and she shares the same love for the Texas Longhorns as I do. Love you Manna!

3. As far as tagging... Joy, Karen, are officially tagged. Can't wait to see your pictures and memories.


Anonymous said...

tear, tear! That is so great! Thank you for your kind words. You are awesome! Love you, too.

MontyG3 said...

hee hee