Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween - Bah! Humbug!

So I am not a fan of Halloween. I have never liked spooky things, and my family never celebrated it growing up. This year for our family, Rabu and I have decided to not celebrate Halloween. I know a lot of good christian families that do dress up and trick-or-treat and I am absolutely OK with that, it is their decision. I do not feel like this is a deal breaker and if someone celebrates the innocent things of Halloween that they are going strait to "Hades". But for the Leyvas we have chosen to not to celebrate. I just figured, if the people of the Jewish faith can say with such confidence because of how they believe that they do not celebrate Christmas, then based on what I believe can simply say I do not celebrate Halloween. So on that note, I am trying to be balanced today. Unfortunately I am getting some pretty awkward responses when people ask me what Lexi is going to be for Halloween. To some I respond, "we do not celebrate Halloween" and then they get all uncomfortable like I am going to go all "charismatic" on them or judge them for what they have decided for their family. To others when they ask what Lexi is going to be for Halloween, I simply say she will be herself... CUTE!

What a challenge to be who I feel like God is calling our family to be and still be a light. I know that the things of God do make people uncomfortable, but I don't want to be labeled as a crazy christian that people write off and no longer listen to. So, as I take a stand for what I believe is right for our family, I am doing my best to make my love walk apparent to those around me. If only people could see my heart, they would know that I am not passing judgement on them. The only person God has asked me to judge is myself.

We will be attending our church's fall festival tonight complete with pony rides and s'mores. I love fall and how the seasons change. So today instead of focusing on the scary things like witches and vampires, we are focusing on the fact that God is faithful through all the season's changes. He is faithful through every season of life, and we are thankful for that. So no better time to celebrate God's goodness than today!

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Joy said...

"they get all uncomfortable like I am going to go all "charismatic" on them" Wahahaha! I'm trying to picture what this would look like, would you threaten to slay them in the spirit by holding out an ominous hand dangerously close to their forehead? Or would you start doing the charismatic two-step and kick them in the face? Maybe a loud "Bless the Lord!" and lightning strikes? Ahh! the possibilities are endless!