Thursday, October 30, 2008

A New Christmas Tradition

OK, I know it is not even Halloween yet and I am already thinking about Christmas!! I can't help it! I LOVE Christmas! So I was out shopping last night with Lexi Bear and we were looking at some ornaments and I had an idea. I am going to pick out an ornament each year that is reminiscent of the year past and then I will write in a little book why I picked the ornament. When she gets old enough then we will go and pick out an ornament together and fill out her book together. So every year as we decorate the tree we will go through the ornaments and the book of memories.

So for this year I am on the search for a Backyardigans ornament. Lexi loves the Backyardigans, it is so cute to watch her dance when they are singing the intro to the show. She has a plush Tasha toy and even one of her words that she says right now is "Tasha". So I thought it appropriate that Backyardigans be her ornament for 2008.

The only tricky thing is that I am having a hard time finding a very cute one. So if any of you see one while you are out shopping let me know!

So here is to the holiday season and to making memories!


Karen Owens said...

I've never been much of a "making memories" type person, but we kinda did something like this for our kids and it is so cool to look back at Madison's first christmas tree ornament -- from 4 years ago! All the memories of my little baby comes flooding back!

tamaralisa said...

Hey Kyna,
You can find Backyardagain ornaments on's a link to one:

LOVE your page btw ;)

Joy said...

oh oh! Good idea! We do something similar. . .and I love it! I love Christmas traditions.

Lori Balcanoff said...

Kyna, What you're doing is wonderful! I think I love Christmas as much as you do. I started collecting annual ornaments probably 20 years ago. Every branch of our tree has an ornament that I've bought, friends or family have bought for us or the kids have made. I collect ornaments all year long, especially while on vacation. It is wonderful each year to remember the year or the moment when I bought or received each special ornament. My children never get tired of hearing the stories and the reason for each of their particular ornaments. It's a special time and we've created memories that will last forever. What you're doing now to make memories for your children will be something you'll cherish always.