Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This evening was just beautiful outside. Amazing weather for the 1st of August, so we decided to venture to the neighborhood park. Usually Lexi spends all her time going down the slides, and Paisley spends her time hanging out in the stroller. This was a different experience. Lexi wanted to swing, and then Paisley woke up and I put her in the swing too. It was Paisley's first time to swing at a park. She loved it, she smiled so big!! Then of course being the big girl and awesome sister that she is, Lexi wanted to push Paisley in the swing. So with Daddy closely supervising, Lexi pushed Paisley. So cute! Here are a few pictures from our trip to the park. It was a pretty perfect evening.

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Deborah said...

Oh how cute! Paisley looks happy! And Big Sissie Lexi wants to show her how much fun it can be!