Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Paisley Noelle ~ 5 Months

Our sweet little Paisley is now 5 months old!! She is getting so big, she definitely is no longer looking like a new born, but like a baby. She is getting those awesome chubby legs and arms. She loves to look around, and hates to miss anything. She loves to talk to anyone that will listen. She has started saying "da-da" all the time. One day soon she will realize that Rabu is actually "da-da" and it is just not a fun thing to say. :) She also loves making "raspberries" with her lips. She is all in all a pretty noisy kid. I will tell you though she has the sweetest most kind spirit about her. Here are a few pictures of our growing girl.

So her stats at her 4 month check up were :
Weight: 15 lbs 2.5 oz (80th percentile)
Height: 25 1/4 inches (75 percentile)


Deborah said...

Paisley Noelle, you are an adorable little girl! Keep makin' those rasberries! They're fun!

Mindy said...

Paisley is SO cute and really growing!!!!!
We go in for Elise's 4 month check up [ and shots :-( ] next week, so I'll have to see how close they are in weight and height at 4 mos!

Traci said...

Five months already? Tiegan is about to be 10 months! I'm already having to think about his BIRTHDAY! =( Why can't they stay babies longer? She's such a cutie!

casey lynn said...

Aaw.. she's so sweet! Happy 5 months! :)