Tuesday, August 18, 2009

as the heart melts

One thing I have noticed about mommyhood is the fact that my heart has a tendency to melt daily, with these sweet baby girls. Today's melt:

We were all leaving the house. I was helping Rabu put the girls in the car, he was dropping them off today. I gave sweet Paisley a kiss and told her I loved her. Then went over to the other side of the car, played a quick game of peek-a-boo with Lexi before smothering her with kisses. Then kissed the hubby and went to get in my car. Then I heard a sweet unprompted, "I love you mommy, see you later!" Thanks Lexi Bear! I love you too, you made my day!

Here are some pics of Lexi riding a pony at a friend's birthday party a couple weeks ago, she is still talking about the horsey! She loved it! Such a big girl.

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Deborah said...

Go ride your horsey Lexi! Giddyap!