Sunday, July 26, 2009

I hold Paisie!

Today we hit a sister milestone. Lexi wanted to hold Paisley. She insisted that Paisley sit on her lap. So I sat Lexi next to me and let her hold Paisley. It was so cute. Lexi was talking to Paisley and being so sweet to her. Paisley started to fuss a little so I took her back and Lexi demanded to have her sister back! So I calmed down Paisley and gave her back to big sister. These two are going to be so much fun. I am so glad that Lexi is accepting our little Paisley. Oh sorry, Lexi would say, "not your Paisie, MY Paisie!"

(Oh and don't mind the CRAZY hair on Lexi, it was a lazy Sunday so we never got around to fixing her hair today. Thank God for Mixed Chicks that gets it back to her beautiful curly hair! )

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