Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lexi's 2 Year Photo Session

We went to the Gilcrease Museum and took some pictures of our sweet Lexi since she turns two today. Here are the proofs. You can order online if there is a picture you cannot live without. Enjoy!


Becca Van Valkenburg said...

Oh gosh, those are good! Love the ones of Lexi with her hands on her hips and the girls together in the chair. Precious!!!

MontyG3 said...

These are gorgeous! I love the one of the two sitting in the chair together and Lexi has a huge smile---she looks SO like her pretty mommy its amazing! I also like the one of the two of you looking around the pole and you are both smiling at the camera. Adorable!!!

Deborah said...

Awesome Pics of Lexi! ...and Paisley too! Happy birthday sweet Lexi!