Monday, May 4, 2009

Tickles and Take-Out

Recently we had a very fun evening. It is just the simple things in life that make us laugh the most. Since Paisley was born, I have cooked some but as to be expected I do not have the energy to cook every night. One night Rabu picked up Pei Wei on the way home. I like to eat my Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with chop sticks. So of course Lexi wants to use chop sticks too. Amazingly she got the hang of them. Granted she had unconventional methods of getting the rice on the chopsticks but she used them just the same. I am so proud of my smarty pants Lexi Bear.

Oh then after she was done using them to eat, they quickly transformed into drumsticks. She and daddy had a great time "playing the drums".

After the drums we moved into the living room to play, and it soon turned into Tickle time! :) I love tickle time, we get the best giggles and laughs from tickle time.


MontyG3 said...

Of course she is a smarty pants...she's a rishi! She's so happy and joyful!

Deborah said...

Drums and dancing to Bruce Springsteen...hmmm what a combination! LOL

She is a cutie pie alright!