Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day

So I am a little behind sharing about our fun Mother's Day, but better late than never right? So on Mother's Day we got up and ready for church. Right before we were about to leave Rabu and Lexi sneak down the hallway and then Lexi comes out with a bag and a silly grin. They gave me my mother's day gift, a couple charms for my bracelet. I love them! After church we stopped at Wendy's to grab some lunch before we got on the road to my mom's house for a Mother's day dinner. Lexi was so sweet, she wanted to sit by me and cuddle with me. I don't know if she even understood the day, but she was sweeter than normal giving me lots of hugs and saying those sweet little words, "mommy, mommy".

On the way to mom and dad's Lexi took off her pony tail holders and put them around her legs, she is so creative. She finally fell asleep, and it was so funny that she had the pony tail holders still on her legs.

When we got to mom and dad's we relaxed and played with the nieces and nephews. It was a great time! Paisley also gave me some great smiles for Mother's Day. What a sweet gift.

What an honor to be a mother, God is so faithful. I love my kiddos!

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