Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let's Sing, Let's Dance

Big girl Lexi Lou has been taking dance lessons at her school this year and is loving it. She will ask at least twice a week, " do I have dance class today". She loves showing us her dances that she has learned. At the end of the semester the parents were allowed to come and watch a lesson. So Sadie and I went and saw Lexi dance, here are a few pics.

Lexi loves showing off her new baby sister

Little miss priss

This year Lexi also was old enough to be in our church christmas program. She and her class sang Jingle bells. Lexi did a good job considering that 5 min before she told her teacher she was not going to do it! Ha ha... she looks like such a big girl.

Lexi's shirt was done by my friend Terra check out her website she has such cute stuff

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