Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This one is a talker!!!

Here is a little video of Paisley telling you about her day... notice how her eyes light up when I mention big sister Lexi. Love it!!! :)

WARNING: Sweet baby noises may melt your heart!

( Please ignore the dryer noise in the background, the Leyvas needed clean clothes!! )

Interpretation : Hi mommy what is that thing that you are always pointing at me...oh a video camera, ok well world, this is what I have to say. I played with my sister lexi, I think she is the coolest. My mom and dad rock too!! Oh ok, mom wants me to say love you, and good-bye. Until next time...watch out I have got something to say!! :)

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Aly Matt N Macy said...

WOW heart melting is right! Gosh she is just beautiful and so bright!!! Her eyes totally light up. Those are the sweetest noises... simply gifts that God gives us... Thank you for sharing!
xo Aly & Baby Macy!