Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

This father's day was a wonderful day to celebrate, Rabu. He is the best daddy in the world. You should see the girls eyes twinkle when they see their daddy. They love him and they know that he loves them. We started the day with giving him a gift, it is a daily devotional by Coach John Wooden. He loves John Wooden. The girls and I also made him an Award that said he was the greatest daddy in the world. Then we went to church. After church we were able to get into Cheddar's for lunch. Cheddar's is one of Rabu's favorite places to eat. Then it was off to the house for a long afternoon nap. It was fantastic! We then went for a walk. It is interesting how when a mother is pushing a stroller it is simply a stroller, but when a daddy is pushing a stroller it becomes a race car. Lexi liked when daddy drove much more than when mommy drove. That is one of the beautiful things about Rabu. He can make anything fun and exciting. I love him for that.

The Friday before fathers day, Lexi's school had a Father's Day party. Rabu is the fun dad for sure. Every time he drops or picks up Lexi from school they play some sort of game with the kids. All the kids at the school, not just the ones in Lexi's class know "Lexi's Dad" is the fun dad that will give you a high five. He has such a beautiful heart for children! Here are some pictures from Lexi and Daddy's party.

Rabu we girls love you and we are blessed to have you! xoxo

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Rachey said...

We LOVE Cheddar's too! It's one of our favorites :)