Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paisley Noelle ~ Week Two

OK, so I promise I am not going to do weekly updates, but Paisley has already changed so much. We went to her two week check up and she is already 8 lbs 15.5 oz!! She is gaining weight like a champ. Those who know the stress that we had the first two weeks of Lexi's life because she was not gaining weight know what a blessing this is to us! Thank the Lord!!

Lexi is really warming up to her little sis. She is such a great helper. She gets diapers for me and she helps me calm the baby down by patting her back. She loves to point out her eyes, nose, feet and elbows. It is so cute how she is processing having a little sister.

We went and had some pictures taken yesterday of Paisley and the family. We took two week pictures with Lexi and wanted to do the same with Paisley. I think they are going to turn out great. Although Lexi was not totally thrilled with the idea of getting pictures taken, she did OK. We did not get the pictures of the girls that I was hoping for, or even a really good family picture, but you know that is how it is with a 20 month old and there is not too much you can do about it other than roll with it. I will post a link when we get the proofs so that you can take a look.

As far as life getting back to normal, I think that will be a while. I am feeling really good as far as my recovery, but I will tell you, there is this wall that you hit at week two. I hit that today, I had grand plans for doing dishes, laundry and going to the grocery store today, I could not get enough energy to do anything until about 2 this afternoon. Instead, I spent the morning on my couch with my baby girl in my arms and rested. Now I have managed to put a few loads of laundry in and do the dishes, but I am not going to the store, I will simply make Rabu a list and he will get the honors. :) It's all about just doing what you can and not worrying about the rest.

Paisley has pretty much figured out her days and nights and sleeps a lot. When she is awake she is wide awake and looking around at her world, wide eyed and taking it all in. She is a pretty easy baby. She cries when she is hungry or has a little bubble in her tummy, and is fairly happy the rest of the time. She has a really sweet spirit about her. I cannot wait to watch her grow into a lovely young lady who loves God and lives out her purpose. I also cannot wait to see her and Lexi interact more. There is something very special about sisters and I am excited that they have each other.

Ok, I guess that is enough of the ramblings of a tired but very content mommy. :)


MontyG3 said...

weekly updates are perfectly fine in my book!! Glad everything is going smoothly!!!

Becca Van Valkenburg said...

So glad for the update! The picture of her is adorable, too... I love her little nose. I can't wait for our babies to meet!