Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthday and Easter Celebrations

Good Friday was also Rabu's birthday. Since it was Good Friday Rabu was home from school, so we got to celebrate him all day long. We started with a birthday breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. Yummy. Then I gave him his birthday cake...pound cake. It is his aunties special recipe and his absolute favorite. Then for dinner we had steak with avocado salsa and bacon wrapped shrimp. That night we ended a day of celebration by the family piling in the bed and watching Rabu's favorite movie, The Lion King. It was a perfect lazy day. He even had some sweet friends Bree, Ric and Laney come over and bring him a very special gift. Gotta love good friends. So all in all I would say he had a great birthday.

Easter Sunday was Paisley's first time to go to church, we did not go into the main service, we just hung out with Daddy in kids church. He did a great lesson with the kids for Easter Sunday. He is so gifted to work with kids. Then we were off to my parents house in Tahlequah. My sister and her family were there as well. Mom made a great meal and had Easter baskets for the kids. Here are a few pictures from Easter.

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