Friday, April 29, 2011

Survival and Meals

We did it!! We survived basketball season and tax season!!! Can I hear an amen! We could not have made it through without the support of many dear to our family. To all of you, thank you for your help and sacrifice. It has been a crazy couple of months, but we are slowly emerging from the craziness to find our normal life again.

Part of finding our normal life again is meal planning. I did pretty good sticking to a meal plan through busy season until the last couple of weeks. Survival...that was the goal! I am heading to the grocery stores in the morning and here is what is on the menu for the Leyvas this week.

Saturday: Chicken Ropa Vieja with fiesta rice (

Sunday: Golden Chicken and Potatoes (

Monday: Chicken Enchiladas (

Tuesday: FFYS (fend for yourself, in my case fend for yourself and three little ones too!)

Wednesday: Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice (

Thursday: Beef and snow peas (the

Friday: Pork Carnitas with avocado, rice and black beans (

I will be saving part of the Chicken Ropa Vieja to fill the chicken enchiladas for Monday. I will prep the enchiladas on Sunday and refrigerate so that all I have to do on Monday is put them in the oven to heat up.

Another thing that is great about all these meals are that they are "lower point" meals. With busy season over, I no longer have an excuse to not lose this baby weight. Hello waggon, nice to see you again, may I jump aboard! I am doing weight watchers and a weight loss challenge at work. I am trying to make sure we are making lifestyle changes, and not do a diet.

So here's to God helping us through the busiest season of our year!

I have yet to reclaim my home completely, but like I said we are emerging SLOWLY! :)

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