Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lexi is Three!!

So how did my little Lexi Bear go from this:

To this:

in no time flat! Obviously it has been three years, but people were not joking when they said, "time is going to fly". It seriously has. Lexi is such an amazing kid. She is very thoughtful and contemplative. She is silly and loves to play. Her favorite games to play right now are tag, hide and seek and ring around the rosies. She is a fantastic big sister and is going to be a great role model for her two little sisters. Her favorite book is her "Jesus", known by most as the Bible. And to prove that she is "all grown up", just in the last week she has switched from calling Rabu and I daddy and mommy to simply, dad and mom...that is unless she really wants something then we are mommy and daddy again. :o)

Happy birthday Lexi! Your mommy and daddy are so proud to be your parents and we love you so much!

Here are a few pictures from her third birthday bash. We went with some friends to the pool at Camp Loughridge. It was a fantastic time. Even Pa Pa and Mi Mi Leyva made it from Florida for the celebration, that was a special treat. Although they seemed to escape being in any pictures :( we appreciate them making the trip.

Lexi specifically asked for pink party hats, cake and candles. I was happy to do as the birthday princess asked. We had a fun princess party complete with cupcakes and pink candles.

Lexi, her friend Emily and Daddy playing at the splash pad

water in the eyes...not much fun

mom, don't bother me, I am eating my cupcake!

Yay! Markers!!
Aunt Lea and cousins Annalee and Adalynn came to celebrate!
Hangin in the pool with turtle.

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