Friday, April 30, 2010

Yep! Pregnant AGAIN!!!

he he need to break it to you easy right!! You should get the same opportunity to be as surprised as Rabu and I was when we found out! So here is the skinny---

It was busy season and you know I was kinda too busy to count some really important days and I kept thinking man I should have my cycle soon... oh well maybe tomorrow...well....this went on for a couple of days. One thing that I can be thankful for is that God made my body like clock cycles are never "late" without reason. So finally Rabu said, "just get a test and find out already!" So on the way home from work the next day (march 9) i stopped at my favorite Walgreen's...its the Walgreen's that I have purchased all my pregnancy tests. Then headed to pick up the girls from school.

We got home, Rabu had basketball games that night so it was just me and the girls. So my plan was to wait until he got home and take the test then. But come on!! So, I got the girls settled with my favorite 'moms home alone with the girls' dinner... chicken noodle soup. Then I got the urge...I needed to use the potty. Hmmmm do i take the test or do I take the test of course. I told myself that I would just take the test and then not look at the results until Rabu got home... again... seriously Kyna? Uh that is not going to happen. So used the restroom, while washing my hands I STARED at the blinking hourglass on the test waiting for the result. At this point I had spent all day wondering if I was pregnant thinking about how awesome it would be if I was and how scary it would be if I many mixed feelings. Paisley was not even one yet! So I was starting to get excited about the idea of being pregnant that I thought I would be disappointed if I wasn't. So it seemed like I washed my hands FOREVER!! Then it happened...Pregnant! Yep that is what it said. I just laughed to myself and said...are you kidding me!

I smiled, my stomach had a billion butterflies in it, and i had a mixture of "holy moley" and "I am so excited" going through my mind! Then I looked in the mirror and said gotta pull it together you have two girls to take care of out there...get out there and focus on them! So I did, we had a great night!! Girls and I played and played.

So I could not wait for Rabu to get home. Of course this would be the night that BOTH of his games went into overtime so he got home about an hour later than normal. I heard the garage door going up and knew he would be walking through the doors any minute...I still did not know how I was going to tell him. Something cute, just strait out, make him wonder...nothing. I literally ran to the bathroom got the test and then walked in circles for a second trying to figure out what to do. Then I sat on the couch and hid the test under my blanket. He walked in and asked...well did you take the test? I just handed it to him, not really looking at him or giving him any clue as to what it said. He looked at it and said, are you serious! Well they usually don't lie!

Then we stayed up even later talking about what the next nine months would look like. The next two years would look like. And then the next 10 years!! So much to think about but we could not figure it all out in one night.

Anytime I start to get overwhelmed with the idea of three kids three and under I just remember that God gave us these blessings. I strongly believe that a baby cannot be conceived without God breathing life, so I have no doubt this is His will and His plan. I just we go!!

I am now 12 weeks along. Due November 12. I personally am hoping its a boy, Rabu doesn't have a preference. I have no doubt, boy or girl that I love this little one so much already!

(photo courtesy of Artworks Photography Tulsa taken when 8 mo pregnant with Paisley)


Deborah said...

Congratulations Tulsa Leyva's! There is a saying I once heard, "3rd time's a charm!" So, I am certain the gifts you have received and will receive will all be precious "charms" in your lives!

Traci said...

Holy SMOKES!!!!! I can't believe it! That's so wonderful, Kyna! I'm so happy for you and Rabu! Your babies are sooooooo gorgeous! Would you ever consider *selling* one of them?! Ugh. I just want to EAT them!!! =)

Sam said...

Congratulations, guys! We just moved back to Oklahoma from Georgia a few months ago and are still catching up on all the going-ons around here. What a blessing to see you guys doing well and raising up an army of kiddos. Hopefully we will see you around soon.

Sam and Melinda Pfanstiel
(and Caleb, Emily and Judah)