Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Girl Update - two weeks to go

So two weeks from today I will be holding my sweet baby girl in my arms. I am so excited. Here are a few pictures of her room. It is mostly ready, I just need to find a rug and hang up the wall decor. Rabu is going to change out the celing fan during his spring break next week. Once we get all that done then it is finished! It has been a lot of fun getting her room ready. With life as crazy as it has been it is nice to get away to her room and just think about her coming to join our family.

We are a lot closer on a name!! Yay! We have a few that we like and will wait until we see her to name her. We would tell you our names, but what would be the fun in that? It's just two weeks away!

We went and had some maternity pictures taken with the family. I have not seen the proofs yet, but I think we got a few of Lexi with the baby belly that were pretty cute. I am excited to see what the photographer captured. We are trying someone new but she takes some really great pictures.

Mostly now I am focusing on getting things done at work. Being a CPA and due in the middle of tax season wasn't the best of planning, but I did not plan this one God did, so He is working this one out. :) I just have to remember to rely on Him for strength and organizational ability to get done what needs to be done not necessarily what I want to get done. (Sometimes I want done more than needs to be done. )

Baby girl is a mover and a shaker already, it is so fun to watch my belly move around. It is so amazing when I take time to think that my sweet baby is being formed and crafted in my belly by God Almighty!! I just can't wait to hold her and look into her sweet little face. We have been so blessed with Lexi bear that I just know that the second one is going to be just as much of a blessing. We still have moments where we ask each other, "um... do you realize we will be parents of two very soon!" It hasn't really sunk in even after 9 months. It will become reality very soon!!

We will keep you posted on all the goings on in the Leyva house as we are awaiting the arrival of baby girl. Yay, baby girl, we can't wait to see you!!


Joy said...

ah, I love updates! I am so excited for baby girl #2! Your nursery looks absolutely adorable!

Mindy said...

I love the pics of the room!! It looks great! I wish I could come visit you when the baby arrives, but I will be in your position in just a few short weeks also. :) Hopefully we can plan something before the babies grow up too fast. Can't wait to see pics and find out the name!!!!

Karen Owens said...

Wow -- you are so close! Two little ones is lots of fun!